The Obsidian Egg

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The Obsidian Egg is carefully hand carved from the powerful black obsidian crystal. Black obsidian behaves as a sort of truth serum, as it urges you to bring forth your innermost secrets and face them without any fear or shame. It brings unresolved issues and emotions to the surface so you can confront your pain and move forward without fear. This is also a very protective stone.

Black obsidian offers both support and strength during difficult times, while absorbing any negative energy you experience while releasing stress. Use The Original Moon Wand to release past traumas and move forward with positivity and clarity.

Black obsidian:

  • keeps excessive passions + emotions under your control
  • is a stone of constant protection
  • eases past relationship trauma
  • promotes clarity in decision making
  • works to absorb negative energies
  • releases current/past shame + emotional strain
  • aids in healing past traumas and letting go of toxic attachments

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn
Chakras: Root (base)

Size: Medium
Weight: 1.9 oz
Measurements: 42mm long x 30mm wide

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