Ripe Wild is based in the U.S. and is owned and designed by two women. Our goal is to help you include self-care and wellness to your daily routine in a way that suits your lifestyle.

When choosing our products, you are choosing to both love your body and care for your spirit; you’re making the conscious decision to let go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

All of our crystal products are created from the highest quality crystals, each with loving intentions. Our crystal products are completely natural. 

Each crystal product is energetically cleansed and charged with love and positive intentions.

How to use:

Crystals are extremely powerful at healing the body’s auric energy, allowing for proper flow of energy through each chakra center. Crystals contain very perfect and positive energies. When in contact with our crystals, your bodily aura benefits from such energy.

Ripe Wild's sacred crystal products allow you to become more in tune with your innermost self and understand and accept your needs. They begin the process of removing blockages, over-active, and very weak chakras within your body's chakra system.

Upon purchase, you will receive a booklet with a detailed guide on how to use and maintain your product.

Crystals are powerhouses of energy. They naturally draw out negative energy and instead replace it with positive, radiating, high vibe energy.

To keep your crystal wand continuously vibrating with explosively high cleansing and positive energy, you should cleanse it occasionally. To cleanse you wand, simply add Himalayan pink sea salt to a bowl of warm water. Place your wand in the bowl, and allow it to sit overnight. Wash with warm water before use. You may also let your wand charge under the full moon overnight for lovely energy absorption as well.

If you have any questions, please email ripewild@gmail.com