Why it’s so Important to Cleanse the Womb with Crystal Energy

Posted by Shannon Kissane on

We carry old wounds that are deeply rooted in our womb space. These wounds from past trauma can be released by healing and activating the womb.

Activating and awakening the womb space is a powerful initiation that supports healing in the most deep-rooted age-old wounds that are held and carried with in the womb space, across many lifetimes, many lifelines, ancestral lines and lineages.

Your womb is a major creative source! If you are holding onto these deep-rooted wounds, your energy in this sacred center/space/source becomes stagnant and you aren’t connecting to this powerful, creative energy! You’ll feel disempowered and fearful instead of embodying and connecting with your womb space and sacred femininity.

Yoni eggs and crystal wands introduce new energy into your womb space, as well as release layers of painful energetic imprints from trauma. You may feel emotional when using crystal eggs and wands as you begin to release years of built up and buried wounds.

With time and work, those painful wounds will be cleared, and you’ll feel deeply connected to your sensuality, power, strength, creativity, and ecstatic bliss that lies within your womb.

When these deeply seated wounds are cleared and released a woman is healed from carrying the burdens of these wounds within her power center. Many layers of disempowerment, suppression, miss education, are lifted and a woman becomes fully connected to her own life force energy, her sensuality, and ecstatic bliss that lives within her womb and body.

A customer's experience:

"I've had a pretty horrible history with different men that are no longer in my life. I was holding onto a lot of guilt and shame. I was afraid to be with another partner and I was ashamed of my body. When I used The Moon Wand for the first time, I let out so much guilt and pain that was stuck inside my womb hidden.
I cried and then I felt so relieved. My connection with this crystal is so strong. It changed my life. I have been using Blush (rose quartz) lately as well, and my heart is opening up to my new partner. Thank you so much for this gift."

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