Crystal Eggs You Should Definitely Avoid

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There is not one single crystal egg that should never put your health at risk, be dangerous to use, or come from a bad source. Despite this obvious statement, throughout the last 6 years I have come across a multitude of online shops listing a variety of crystal eggs that are absolutely deemed toxic. I’ve communicated with a variety of women who unknowingly bought and then used such toxic eggs from different stores and shops—all with horrible stories.

GIA certified eggs should not be mistaken for being safe to use internally. A GIA certified stone only verifies that the stone actually is what the seller is claiming it to be, but not that it is safe to be used.

Only certain crystals and stones should be used internally (and we take pride in only supplying healthy, natural crystal eggs). These crystals generally have a certain hardness to them. This includes jade, aventurine, some quartz varieties (like rose and clear), amethyst, a good amount of jasper, carnelian, and obsidian.

Apart from those above stated general stones, certain yoni eggs being sold can actually dissolve when used internally. Some are known to rust overtime due to toxic metals and many are coated in gross sealants + epoxies in order to hold the shape of the crystal egg. And a large amount of yoni eggs being sold, bought, and used aren’t even entirely made of crystal, but a man-made combination of different materials!

Some eggs to avoid include:

  • Angelite: Contains lead
  • Calcite: Dissolves
  • Chrysocolla: Contains copper
  • Dyed crystals: Many dyes are toxic
  • Fluorite
  • Hematite: Oxidizes, leaving rust
  • Labradorite: Contains aluminum
  • Lapis Lazuli: Contains Pyrite
  • Malachite: Contains copper
  • Sodalite: Contains aluminum
  • Sunstone: Contains aluminum
  • Tiger’s Eye: May contain asbestos fibers
  • Tourmaline: May damage skin
  • Galena: Contains lead
  • Pyrite: May convert to sulfuric acid, which is toxic
  • Rhodochrosite: Contains lead
  • Selenite: Dissolves
  • Opalite: Man-made and synthetic

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